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Check Back Friday March 17th
to get Scavenger Clues

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1. J2 Scrubs

  • I am at a place where nothing but scrubs and accessories are sold. You’ll find me looking at a comfy pair of kicks and maybe something blue for my shift at the hospital. Where am I? 

2. Regan Jewelers

  • I am at a place where diamonds are a girl's best friend. You’ll find me celebrating the 88th anniversary with Regan Jewelers. Where am I? 

3. Flourish

  • I am headed to a place to heal, grow, and Flourish. I enjoy looking at what all they have to offer from messages, and oils, to aromatherapy; but I really like checking out the apothecary bar. Where am I? 

4. Corner On Main

  • I am headed to a place where I can find some items to redecorate my home, I might even find some gifts where that are wrapped up for me while I am there. Head to the Corner on Main and be careful not to get distracted by the delicious gourmet foods; head to the back and look for me in the winter wonderland. Where am I? 

5. Little Britches and Moodz

  • I am headed to a place celebrating 39 years. Although I am not looking for a prom dress, I am searching for women’s clothing and maybe some Little Britches for my children; whatever Moodz you’re in, they have almost everything for everyone. Don’t let their infinite inventory spin you around, you might even find something that you’ll want to try on. Where am I? 

6. Sage House

  • I am headed to a place where my nose will be put to the test. Where things are Homemade, Pure, and Simple. Smell the herbs and make sure not to focus too much on the Sage. With the variety of soaps, lotions, oils, and scrubs; in between the lamps and bath salts is where I can relax. Where am I? 

7. D'Luz Shoes & Botique

  • I am at a place where I can be in shoe heaven. I am getting the D’Lux special with all this leather and can’t believe all the selection of shoes and dresses that they have to offer. Where am I?

8. Premier Design

  • I am at a place where I am getting some ideas on how to remodel my pumpkin patch. You’ll find me trying to find the perfect place to bake some sweet treats for the holidays. Where am I? 

9. Coleen's Trophies

  • I am at a place where winners are awarded. Where there are more than just personalized trophies, but customized gifts. You’ll find me in search of some gifts for my friends. Where am I? 

10. Grace & Faye

  • I am headed to a place where brick-and-mortar stores can sell their items at a store. With all Kansas-made products, you can get anything from scrubs, jewelry, wood works, and custom shirts. Stop into Grace & Faye Co to see what all the buzz is about with their T-Shirt sale. Where am I? 

11. Haulin' Axes

  • I am headed to a place where I can throw out some of my stress and see what it would feel like to live in the woods. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to throw my Axe off. Be careful when you look for me, I am in a danger zone. Where am I? 

12. The Good Sport

  • I am headed to a place where Kansas sports pride can be purchased. I want to be a Good Sport, maybe I will get my letter jacket personalized with their custom screen printing. Where am I? 

13. Roots & Juice

  • I am headed to plant my Roots. With the power of boosting my health with various juices, teas, and smoothies they offer; I am ready to get a drink. Are you thirsty too? Check out the menu with me. 

14. Aligning Cosmos

  • I am headed to a place where the stars align and the focus is on empowering women and instilling confidence. Head over to Aligning Cosmos, where fashion is always trendy and you might even find me trying on something. Where am I?

15. Flat Mountain Brewhouse

  • I am headed to a place where the brews are fresh and local. I like to be close to the action and the 12 rotating taps. Join me high up at the top of the mountain, where am I? 

16. Keps Menswear

  • I am headed to a place where I can celebrate 41 years of service. Where men’s clothing is the highlight, I might try and find the perfect fitted suit. You’ll find me trying on some new business wear, where am I? 

17. Va Va Vintage

  • I am at a place where you can find almost anything; from

  • furniture, art, lighting, and literature. If you still don’t know where I am, I’m a little pumpkin, short and stout, find me inside VA Va Vintage, look inside and to the South. Where am I? 

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