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"DJ's United"

Bobby Wild2.PNG
Bobby Wild
Smoove Studio.jpg
JV Smoove
Saturday April 18th, 2020
7pm -11pm
"Live365" app
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Featuring "CC"
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Marc Anthony
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Mikey "G"

We will also have a Facebook Live during the show but please note the audio will only be provided on the "Live365" app due to copywritten music purposes. 


Dedication-Shout Out

Win Prizes!

Thank you to the following businesses that are kindly donating/discounting or helping out with Trivia Prizes.
*Flat Mountain Brewhouse
*WAM's & Preston's Sandwich Shack
Mj's Barber Shop
Palace Computer/Mail It Etc...
Pearl's Sports Shop
Smoove Productions Mobile DJ
& More!
*If you are a businesses and would like to help out please click here!

Plus: Giveaways

Schedule of Show:
70's @ 7pm
80's @ 8pm
90's @ 9pm + TRIVIA!
10pm : Dedication - Shout Out Night
Due to copyright permissions on Facebook Live, audio & music will only be provided from the Live 365 App!
This actually is better as you can still scroll through your mobile device and listen to the show at the same time.
1. Download the free "LIVE365" app on your mobile device
LIVE 365 LOGO.jpg
2. Search "Covid United" (Look for this icon below)
Covid United.png

70's @ 7pm

We need our peeps to vote for your favorite songs of 1970-1979. 

I love the 70s 2.png
I love the 80's PNG.png

80's @ 8pm

We need our peeps to vote for your favorite songs of 1980-1989. 

nostalgic 90s.jpg

90's @ 9pm

We need our peeps to vote for your favorite 90's fun stuff!

10pm : Dedication-Shout

Do you have someone special you want to send a shout-out to in this time of need? Do it here!

*Upload your Text or Audio below.

 *Shout-outs will be played during our show!

*You can send a shout-out one of two ways.

1. Type in your shout-out and click Submit

2. Record an audio right from your phone and upload it to us.  

3. You can also email us your shout-out by clicking HERE!

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